All you need to know about Liability Insurance in Germany

Liability Insurance in Germany

A simple and detailed explanation on Private Liability Insurance in Germany and how it works

Insurance in Germany by is a big topic. There are different types of insurances, with different features. However in this specific article we take a look at Liability Insurance. What is it? How does it work? Which insurance should I choose? We have answers for all these questions!

What is Liability Insurance in Germany?

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Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from accidental harm you cause to a third party individual or the belongings of the individual. Liability insurances protects you from financial damages caused accidentally.

In the same way people get Health Insurances and Car insurances, liability insurance is also a very commonly held Insurance in Germany. Unlike a health insurance for example, it is not mandatory to hold a Liability Insurance in Germany.

You will need it even though it is not mandatory!

Yes. Liability Insurance is not mandatory in Germany. But you definitely will come across situations where you need it. Firstly, you might need it when you are looking to rent apartments in Germany. Many landlords ask for Contents Insurance and Liability Insurance proof before letting you rent houses in Germany. Despite the German Tenants’ Association declaring this request as legally invalid, it is a common practise in Germany. So getting a Liability Insurance in Germany is advisable.

Who are covered by my liability insurance in Germany?

‘Private’ Liability Insurances (Haftpflichtversicherung) are most commonly taken out by individuals. Accordingly it covers the individual. However there are Insurance companies that would extend coverage to your family.

Situations covered by your private liability insurance in Germany:

On the whole, it depends on the policy you choose. But generally, liability insurance protects you against personal injury or porperty damage.

In a nutshell, the policy covers you in situations you are personally liable. For instance, you hit a senior citizen with your bicycle. Or you accidentallly break a friend or colleague’s phone. In these situations, having a policy would help.

Here is a list of coverage features you should keep an eye on:

  • Losing keys (personal or work)
  • Damages caused by your pet
  • Coverage for damages outside of Germany
  • Accidents on borrowed vehicles

Your policy does not cover these situations!

  • Damages caused while driving your car. (Your car insurance covers this)
  • Damages caused to your home (your home insurance covers this)
  • Participation in risky sport or physical activities
  • Damages caused amongst family members

Do note that these are broad examples, and coverage depends from policy to policy.

BEST Liability Insurance provider in Germany

Best Liability Insurance in Germany

Naturally, the next question in your mind would be the insurance provider. As with many things, there are a lot of options for you when it comes to Insurance providers. So how do you know which one is the best for you?

When it comes to Liability Insurance in Germany, the best provider is Lemonade Insurance!

Lemonade Insurance – An Introduction

Lemonade Inc. is a New York based Insurance company that was founded in the year 2015. They offer renters’ insurance, homeowners’ insurance, car insurance, pet insurance and term life insurance in the United States. Outside of the US, Lemonade has a strong foothold in Europe. Especially in Germany, France and Netherlands.

Lemonade Personal Liability Insurance in Germany – explained!

In simple words, Personal Liability is legal responsibility. Let us assume that you accidentally hurt someone. Or an accident occurs on your property which was your fault. Or you cause harm to somebody’s pet or even material things. They would be within their rights to sue you for damages.

A Personal Liability Insurance has you covered in such situations. If any of these three things happen, The Lemonade Personal Liability Insurance covers the cost of a lawyer to defend you, and your insurance company will pay the damages you’re responsible for.

What is covered in the Lemonade Personal Liability Insurance?

Firstly, each Insurance policy has it’s own coverages. However, Lemonade Personal Liability Insurance has a wide coverage which is another reason why you should go for it!

Here are some situations when your personal liability coverage could come in handy:

  • When you need a lawyer to defend you in court
  • Medical payments to others
  • Property damage payments
  • Damages caused to others by members of your household
  • Damages caused to others by your pets

What is not covered in the Lemonade Insurance?

On the other hand, here are some things liability insurance doesn’t cover:

Property damage

  • You intentionally cause damage to someone’s stuff or place
  • Your car damages someone’s stuff or place (that’s what auto insurance is for)
  • Damanges caused by Business Activities
  • Rental Property damages


  • You, or someone else on your policy, is injured
  • Injuries on your property and it’s not your fault

In Conclusion

Lemonade is a very innovative Insurance provider that is attractive for several reasons. With the Lemonade mobile app, you can pretty much find solutios for your queries instantly. Lemonade is also a very affordable option, as they only charge a FLAT FEE from the Premium you pay for your policy. Lemonade is also a very charitable organization! All the unclaimed funds of your policy will go to a non-profit organization of your choice.

Overall, Lemonade is the best option for your Liability Insurance needs in Germany!

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