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Scalable Capital Plans

A Detailed Guide on how to switch between Scalable Capital Plans. Furthermore a breakdown of all Scalable Capital Plans to help you decide which is the best plan for you. Read to find out more!

Scalable Capital is the best broker for Investing in Germany. Due to several reasons like Ease of Signing Up, Quality Customer service & low prices, Scalable Capital stands out. For example, the felxibility you have with the broker can be seen in the different pricing plans offered!

However, before we look at the plans of Scalable Capital in detail, here is a brief intro.

What is the Scalable Capital Broker?

Scalable Capital is a German Online trading platform where you can buy, sell and invest in Stocks and ETFs.

It is a low cost broker you can use to start your Depot account at the convenience of your mobile phone! Furthermore, You can open a Depot for FREE, and frequently do transactions with low cost. With a quick Registration process, and a user-friendly interface, Scalable Capital is the best place for you to open your Depot in Germany.

How to open a Scalable Capital Depot?

Are you new to Germany and are looking to open a depot? Then you absolutely would not go wrong with the choice of Scalable Capital. To open your depot, just follow the simple step by step process that I have explained this video below.

Scalable Capital Plans Explained

Firstly let us take a look at the different plans offered by Scalable Capital. Currently, Scalable Capital offers 3 Broker plans that differ in Pricing and Features. Specifically these three plans are the FREE Broker Plan, the PRIME Broker Plan and the PRIME Broker FLEX Plan. So let us see what are the features of these plans individually

FREE Broker Plan – The Cheapest of all Scalable Capital Plans

The Scalable Capital FREE Broker Plan is by far the most affordable option.

The best feature of the Scalable Capital FREE Broker plan is in its name. It is FREE of cost!

You do not have to pay any Monthly/Annual fee just to keep your broker with Scalable Capital. This is absolutely great if you are looking for an affordable broker.

The only charge involved is the order fee of 0,99 EUR. For instance, each time you execute a buy or sell order, you pay a fee of 0,99 EUR. However this is negligible given that you can invest in Savings Plans for FREE!

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Savings Plans, check out this article below!

PRIME Broker – The Upgrade

Secondly, the PRIME Broker Plan is the next pricing plan out of the three offered by Scalable Capital. Here are the details:

Scalable Capital Plans PRIME Broker

The PRIME Broker Plan comes with a monthly fee of 2,99 EUR. This fee is to be paid annually. So that would count for 35,88 EUR in total. However, Scalable is currently providing 3 months for free. Therefore the total for the year would only cost 26,91 EUR!

Other features of the PRIME Broker Plan includes completely commission free trading for stocks and derivates. While the FREE Broker plan has an order free of 0,99 EUR, this plan does not charge any such fee.

PRIME Broker Flex – The most flexible of all Scalable Capital Plans

The PRIME Broker Flex plan is simple. It includes all the features of the PRIME Broker Plan. Except, the bill is paid MONTHLY rather than ANNUALLY.

The monthly fee for the PRIME Broker FLEX plan is 4,99 EUR.

Which Scalable Capital Plan should you choose?

Accordingly, we can take a look at which plan you should consider choosing.

  • FREE Broker is suitable for students and beginner investors who want to invest small amounts since there is a 0.99 EUR trading fee. However with the 0 EUR maintenance fee, it is an ideal affordable option.
  • PRIME Broker has a fee of 2,99 EUR per month. It is paid annually, and there are no trading fees. Best suited for frequent traders who will buy/sell stocks & ETFs more often. This is an upgrade on FREE Broker. Scalable Capital is NOW offering a 3 month FREE deal for the PRIME Broker plan.
  • If you do not wish to pay the Broker fees annually, and prefer to have the choice of paying monthly, you can choose PRIME Broker FLEX. The fee is 4,99 EUR per month

How to Switch Between Scalable Capital Plans?

After distinguishing the different plans, you might come to the conclusion on which one suits you the best. However if you change your mind and want to move to a different plan, you can switch between plans!

This is a great flexible feature that Scalable Capital offers. You can switch between the Broker Plans anytime, for FREE of cost! Here is how you can do it in 3 simple steps!

Step 1 : Open Scalable Capital Web version

For changing the Scalable Capital plan, you first need to log in to your Scalable Capital depot on the Web version. The Scalable Capital mobile app is not suitable for this. Reminder, if you still do not have a depot at Scalable Capital, you can open it now with the link below!

Step 2 : Go to the ‘Profile Section

Step 3 : Click on ‘Products’

Under the products section, you can find the option to change your plan. Before changing your plans however, make sure that you do the research on the features. For example, switching from the Prime Broker to Prime Broker Flex would not really make sense. Since you already get the same features, with just the difference in the billing period.

In Conclusion

So there is how you can switch between your Scalable Capital plans!

With all these features, and quality customer support, Scalable Capital is the best broker for you to open your depot with in Germany.

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